BF4 Stats custom signature
I have gotten a couple questions on how to create the custom signature line to show your Battlefield 4 stats. (As shown below in my signature line at the bottom of the post. Here are the steps

Copying BBcode

- Navigate to
- In the top right click the magnifying glass, and search your platform/username.
- Once you have your player info up, in the top right click "Graphics"
- Browse through a banner that suits you, click it.
- Below the graphic you will see several links, copy the BBcode URL.

Adding the BBcode to your signature line

- Navigate to to the top left of the forum, where it says "welcome back ____"
- Click on "usercp"
- On the left click "Edit Signature"
- Paste the BBcode into the signature line text body.
- Click Save.
[Image: EN_Ender.png]

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