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What was the Silesian Offensive?

The Silesian Offensive was a Russian offensive that took place in 1914 during World War 1. The offensive lasted almost a month and it was the farthest distance west the Russian forces would ever make it during the war. The region of Silesia is located between Austria and Lithuania.

Where can my team sign up?

We know you guys have been waiting for us to get everything lined up and in order so that we can host Europe's first large-scale competitive season under Tier One Gaming Live. Well wait no more!

We are making the final preparations and you should see a registration announcement on our Facebook page, Discord, and of course here by the end of the week!This event will be 20vs20 using Tier One Gaming Live Hybrid server preset. Stay tuned as we wrap up things on our end this week and get registration live!

Frontlines Ladder

We are pleased to announce that for the first time ever, we will be bringing large scale competitive to the South African region. Tier One Gaming Live will be hosting a single elimination Frontlines ladder using our standard tournament preset. This ladder is exclusive to teams and players on the African continent.

Although we do not have a start date yet we expect this event to last over the course of approximately two weeks, please stay tuned for specific dates and details as they become available.

What does the title mean?

The battle of Kakamas took place in Kakamas, Northern Cape Province of South Africa on 4 February 1915. It was a skirmish for control of two river fords over the Orange River between contingents of a German invasion force and South African armed forces. The South Africans succeed in preventing the Germans gaining control of the fords and crossing the river.