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Server Preset

General Rules

  1. No player will be allowed at any time in the spectator slots on the servers unless otherwise permitted, if the Tier One Gaming Live Admin cannot get into their spectator spots, the match will not start until this is achieved.

  2. Players who are currently playing in the match shall not be on the live broadcast watching game play, if this can be proved, it will result in a round loss to the offending team. This includes a team having someone watching the broadcast, relaying information to their team.

  3. Teams are expected to be on time to a match, a 15 minute delay is acceptable however should a delay take longer than 15 minutes, the "live round" will begin as soon as the burn round is finished, if a team is unprepared or does not enough players in the match, this will be at the team leader's discretion to either continue the match, or forfeit.

  4. Teams are NOT allowed to have subs in queue, if a broadcaster has to be back out of the match and the rejoin, this causes issues and delays game play. If players are queued on the server, the match will not begin until the queued players are no longer present.

  5. Players may have a maximum of one "out of clan" player for 5v5, two "out of clan" players for 10v10, three "out of clan players" for 16v16, and four "out of clan players" for 32v32. If it is determined that a team is intentionally recruiting players from other clans for the purpose of "stacking team skill" and not out of necessity to fill spots on the team, the team may be barred from one or more future events.

  6. Players will show good sportsmanship towards other teams and players, if there is any harassment, including trash talking, this may result in a team/player being barred from participating in one or more future events.

  7. At any time during the match, no player should be on the opposing team, if a player continues to rejoin and switch to the opposing team, this will result in a ban from the server, at least temporarily until the two teams are finished with the games. If a clan continues to have issues with their members joining an empty slot on the opposing team, even after given an opportunity to resolve the issue, it may result in a round loss.

  8. Grievance Process: If Team A thinks Team B violated any rules mentioned here, Team A may file a ONE PARAGRAPH and ONE PICTURE/VIDEO to the leader's of participating teams.

    Team B may respond with ONE PARAGRAPH & ONE PIC/VIDEO. Other teams' leaders could discuss, but Team A & B would not be allowed to take part in the discussion or voting of the issue.