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Who can take part in events?

Anyone! As long as you have a team capable of consistently filling a 16 or 32 man team, and they are full-time members of that team, you can join in on the action! Please refer to our General Rules for additional details.

How Can I get involved and help?

We are always looking for help! Bear in mind at this point all work is strictly voluntary as everything we do is. Below is a list of specific help we are looking for at this time.

  • Broadcasters (Requirements: Streaming PC, Video Capture Device capable of 1080p/60fps, Minimum upload speed of 4mbps, knowledge of competitive Battlefield and a history of competitive play, outspoken personality and good standing within the community.

  • Web developers (Requirements: Fluent in HTML5, javascript/jquery, bootstrap)

  • Content Creators (Requirements: Knowledge in video/picture editing, software to produce quality products.)
How often are tournaments played?

Typically 2-3 tournaments per year is what we have averaged in the past. Keep in mind that since we try to accommodate teams from all over the world and compromise on match times to meet everyone's needs, these tournaments usually run anywhere from 2-3 months each.

What region are the servers hosted in?

Generally servers were located on the East coast of the U.S. during Battlefield 4. Depending on server stability and availability this location might change. We have also compromised on server location for international teams in the past.