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Founder/Graphic Design/Web Design

Ender, the founder of Tier One Gaming Live first started playing FPS games starting with the original DOOM on 3.5" floppy disks. Ever since then FPS games have been the flavor of choice when it comes to gaming. In 2013 prior to the launch of the Playstation 4 he took his love for Battlefield and had a vision of creating something great with it, and thus Tier One Gaming Live was born.


Cack, Enders best friend, found his first love of games after blasting a duck out of the sky on the original nintendo. Since then, he has expanded from duck hunting to a wide variety of games but his main interest will always be FPS. In particular the BF series.

Broadcaster/Video Production

Foxdeuce started gaming in the early 90's flying flight sims on an IBM 1. First getting into FPS (First Person Shooters) games with Operation Flashpoint, and was a Beta tester for the orginal Battlefield 1942, and has stuck with the franchise ever since. Not too long after Playstation 4 was released, FoxDeuce became involved with Tier One Gaming Live, helping with broadcasts, video editing as wells as other creative aspects of the community.


Relatively new to online gaming, Endseeker707 found her passion lies within the Battlefield franchise, particularly Battlefield 4 and now Battlefield 1. She became involved with the broadcasting of Tier One Gaming Live's tournaments in 2016, branching out into promotional work for the league.


"I started gaming with Super Mario and Joust on Nintendo, it was a done deal. Gamer for life. I really became interested in fps with Call of Duty and Big Red 1. I jumped over to the Battlefield franchise with Bad Company 2 and I was hooked, and I never looked back."